Jan 26, 2013

Queen Of Lies

As a parent, it is my duty, to sometimes tell...


Yes, we don't like it, but sometimes we must.
Sometimes we must even create completely ridiculous, totally outrageous UN-TRUTHS.

Take the other day for instance:

The Man was away for work, so we went and picked up a pizza.

and as we're walking back to the car, the "FIGHT TWINS" can NOT STOP FIGHTING.


I try to just ignore it, but it only ever gets WORSE.

So, I do what I do best...

As IF  I ever would.  I just paid for it, and I was hungry too.

But I don't have to tell THEM that.

Whoo! That was boring.


  1. If you don't stop lying so terribly to your poor children, Karen, I'm going to come over there and kick your arse.
    Not really. I lied. I am a big advocate of fibbing to manipulate the kids and get out of trouble. Don't all parents do this? Please say they do! xxxxxx

  2. I think all parents do this...at least there's you and I, Curtise. We have each other.

  3. every time i think i've read all your posts that i've somehow missed with my non-bloggery lately, there's another one!
    i like to think that i don't lie to brooke, but i do say stupid things like that too. "do you want to to open the window and put your cat outside to freeze and probably get eaten by coyotes? no? well then stop crying when she scratches you. you were asking for it." or "do i need to ask grandma for the receipts for all your christmas presents? because i can and she probably keeps them and then i can take AALLLL your presents back to the stores and you'll have nothing. stop telling me that you're bored!"

    1. I love that! I LOVE the hyperbolic threat! It just makes me happy. I do it more than I should...maybe...

      Love the one about the receipts.

  4. my mum used to tell me that too! I suspect I'll do the same thing with my children!

  5. Hahaha! Lies are fine, although once I told my little niece that if she wasn't a good girl before bed Severus Snape would come into her bedroom at night and out a spell on her. Apparently that didn't go down well AT ALL x

    1. SEE THAT?!? WOMEN ARE GENIUSES! Creative geniuses. Too funny, Scarlett. It would have been worse if you'd said Voldemort, so there. You redeemed yourself.


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