Jan 6, 2013

Being Sick At MY House

So, I've had this stupid cold lately. You know--like the rest of the world.

I was so tired on Saturday, I got up, made the kids breakfast, and sneaked  climbed back to bed in my cozy, furry, miracle, fleece pyjammies.

Well, that never works.

First, The Boy found me...

And he's good, and quiet and everything, but for whatever reason he can NOT STOP MOVING.

Why can't kids stop moving?!?

I can stop moving.

OH you should watch me not move sometime.  It's breath-taking.

Then The Girl discovers the "snuggle party."

And at first, they're all happy and nice, but there's NO WAY I can sleep.

Then within about two minutes, they get all fighty.

I farted!
No you didn't.
Yes I did!
That was a fake fart!
No it wasn't!
Yes it was!

Things only get worse from there.  Blankets and pillows get trashed.  It all turns stupid.

Finally, BLISSFULLY, they get sick of one another, and leave.

Aaaah...heavenly bed.  Heavenly sleep!


Whoo! That was boring.


  1. oh yes. why do children/husbands feel the need to join their sick mothers/wives in bed? why? can't we be left in peace with our germs?!

    1. The Man would never. Sniff! The kids, however, will never buzz off!

    2. trust me, you're lucky the man would never! because even if one of you is sick, being in bed means getting groped and who wants that when they feel like crap?! not this girl.

    3. yeah, they can be so gropey, can't they. I think they even dig it when we have a fever. Then we seem to feel all hot and wanton.

  2. Sophie Doodle does the very same thing~~~~~only she spreads out, burbs and then a seeper!!!Aaaaaaahhh!

    1. see? That's because dogs are just kids with more fur, and less mouthy comebacks.

  3. Ermahgerd.. Check yourself into a hotel! And drink cocktails and take drugs and sleep!!! Sarah xxx

    1. that's the rockstar's road to recovery, isn't it Sarah!

  4. I like Sarah's advice best. Then when you feel better, don't check out but get a job as a torchsinger in the lounge. That will definitely make you feel good.

    1. Damn, that sounds good Melanie. Will you pick my stage wardrobe?

  5. hahahahaha! I reckon I used to do this to my mum, feel guilty now, hope you feel better soon!

    1. I guess that sick, defenseless mom in a big cozy bed is irresistible.


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