Dec 30, 2012

Some Things Stay With You Forever

This is how I clean up after Christmas dinner, or any other meal for that matter...

Scrapey, scrapey into the organics bin with a FORK.

You NEVER let that cold, disgusting POST-MEAL food TOUCH YOU!  NEVER!



This is how our no-nonsense Polish grandma used to clean the plates on Christmas:


Oh...and always with a slightly angry look on her face for everything that she did.

Cold corn and gravy and bits of meat and whatever else fell out of, or didn't make it into our gluttonous yaps...

Burned into my and my sister's brains FOREVER.

Whoo! That was boring.

Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Is Exhausting


Yay! Christmas is coming!

that night...

Yay!  Everybody LOVES Christmas!!!

That night...

I loves me some holidays!

Or, maybe not...

Whoo! That was boring.

Dec 23, 2012

Stupid Glitter

Recently, I was at the mall.

I thought I'd pop into one of those junky jewellery/accessories stores.

There was lots of jewellery, and there was also a rack with nail polish, and irresistible glittery eyeshadow.  Since I needed some red nail polish--you know--for Christmas, I took advantage of the two-for-one deal, and I got me some GLITTER.  You know--for New Year's eve.

But who can wait till New Year's to try out their sexay new look?

I slapped some glitzy silver on, and patted myself on the back for my awesome deal-finding skills.

and it looked goooooood

but then it felt baaaaaaad

After several washes, and a whole day later, I STILL had GLITTER stuck to my face!

Glitter is evil.

Whoo! That was boring.

Dec 21, 2012

Why Do Kids Do Dumb Things?

Recently, my daughter wanted to play with her Barbie bathtub...with actual water in it.

 Well, mostly I'm a jerk, so I never let her play with water toys in her ROOM. But, in the spirit of NOT being a jerk, I said to myself; "big deal, it's only a little water. If she spills it, just keep a towel handy to mop it up."

Later that morning, as I was taking a small break, and she was going back to play in her room, I told girlie to empty that thing out, so she didn't accidentally trip over it, and spill it.

Whoo! That was boring.

Dec 15, 2012

Hi! I'm karen

Well hi there!

I'm karen.

I have two kids,

two cats,

and a husband.  We'll meet The Man another time.

Every day I wake up at 6:30

and then I fall right back to sleep.

and then I wake up at 7:30.

I get up, get washed, get dressed, shlep the boy off to school, come home and do dishes.

And then it's time for breakfast and THE BEST TIME OF THE WHOLE DAY:  COFFEE TIME!

Then I do some boring stuff, get the girlie ready, send her off to school with The Man, while I get some ugly shorts and tank top on and do some really disgusting, debilitating, soul-sucking exercise.

Then I do the dishes.

Then I make myself some lunch, with really stupid, sweaty, post-workout hair.
That's lean ham, on whole wheat bread, with spicy deli mustard and a mighty WODGE of arugula, because arugula is AWESOME.

Oh, and I always have a green tea with lunch, because CANCER IS BAD.  VERY BAD.  MUST DO EVERYTHING TO KEEP CANCER AWAY.

Then I spend some time on the computer drawing pictures  cleaning the house, and it's time to go get the kids from school.

Then I come home, and make some dinner concoction based on turkey instead of hamburger.

Do the dishes...

squeeze in some quality time with laundry...

put the kids to bed and read a bed-time story...

have more yummy laundry fun...

and finally "punch the clock" and let my brain flat-line in front of the tube for a bit.

Brush my teeth, wash my face, hit the sack.

And repeat, ad infinitum.

Whoo! That was boring.
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