Jan 4, 2013

My Cat Is Mental

Have you met my cats?

Sure, they're both cute little girls, but one is calm and lazy and the other one is MENTAL.

Yeah, I'm talking about Loki.

Oh sure, she's super affectionate, and she's really good:  she NEVER tries to scratch or bite me.


She drives me crazy.

She follows me around, ALL DAY, constantly meowing at me!


I mean, it doesn't matter what I'm doing--just minding my own business doing the dishes...

So, of course, I check their food and water...

Food and water are both fine.

So, maybe she just needs some love.  Okay.  Fine.


The SECOND I sit down on the couch...even if it's only for a freaking MINUTE, BAM ! She's right there beside me!

I can't even go to the BATHROOM in peace!!!


ALL DAY, EVERY DAY until FINALLY, finally the cats go down for the night, and I get some blissful respite.

Thank goodness for sleep.

I'm safe.

But....for how long...

Whoo! That was boring.


  1. this is hilarious! I love your drawings! I do miss having a cat, but what the hell is it that they want from us? My dog is like that, we have to guess what it is that might need fixing in her diva-like existence

  2. our dog is like that with me, imagine a 100 pound great dane mix following you everywhere, i am constantly tipping or walking on him. i but secretly i like it cause really who else is going to worship and love you THAT much? lol. i love your drawings they very fun and cute!


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