Mar 7, 2013

The KID Party

My kids birthdays are only a few days apart. 

I do their own thing for each of them, and so there is that crazy week each year otherwise known as...


It's very fun,


it's EXTREMELY exhausting.  

This year, for the first time ever, I finally gave in and let Girlie invite some FRIENDS FROM SCHOOL.  

Normally these parties are just family, and a great excuse for me to have many cocktails.  

But like I said, this year I decided I'd be more fun.  More accommodating. 

And unlike all the other organized parents out there, I had the party at our HOUSE.


It was so cool:  we had all these super trendy decorations everywhere based on these extremely popular, ghoulish dolls for girls.  

There were lots of pink balloons, streamers, and hanging ghoulish decor.  I put out a fruit tray, popped corn and baked (baked, not fried! Hooray!) chips for snacks.  Dinner was hot dogs and carrot cake with pale purple icing.  

But the best freaking part were the ridiculous little paper fashion top hats/fascinator thingies.  I'm not sure if I made The Man buy those for Girlie, or for ME.  


I'm not a big STRUCTURE/ORGANIZATION/PARTY GAMES kind of girl.  I'm more of a ROLL WITH IT AND LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS kind of person.

So, I figured little girls would have fun eating snacks, dancing to obnoxious dance music,


That's supposed to be a picture that shows every single toy the kid has in her room out and on the floor.  I didn't do a very good job.  I don't know if you can quite picture it.  It was probably worse than THIS:

Whatever.  It's a party.  I expected this, right?  After all, I invited the kids over to the HOUSE.  



I made the mistake of going upstairs to check on the girls and got sucked into a black hole of tedium, from which there was ALMOST no escape.  I was bombarded by little girls complaining that the elastic on their little top hats had come off, by girls wanting me to do up the velcro on the princess dress they'd crammed over their own clothes, little girls fighting over who had which doll first, when are we going to open presents?  When are we going to play games?  Can you help me get this dress on this doll?  My hat is broken can you fix it?  I need a NEW hat.  She's not playing with me!  Excuse me, can I wear these shoes?  Excuse me can you help me do THIS UP?  EXCUSE ME?  EXCUUUUUSE ME?!?

I got the hell out of there as quickly as I could.  

And speaking of "excuse me"...

The little girls were cute!  And SUPER polite!  Aw! Isn't that nice?

Okay kid--stop being so freaking polite.  You don't have to ask me before you touch EVERYTHING.  IT'S A PARTY.  

Heh heh...cute kid.  Very polite.  Incessantly polite.  Very tiny kid.  Ridiculously tiny voice.  

Oh my god...don't let them find me...

more dancing...

cake, presents, a group of super burnt-out little girls watching a dvd at the end...

And then FINALLY, blissfully, it was time for everyone to go home!  


Girlie was super crazy BURNT. OUT.  

Hm...maybe next year we'll go back to the family party.  


  1. Omg, the hell that is little girls' birthday parties! Take a word of advice from a seasoned veteran, don't do a sleep over with 9 second grade girls. Just. Don't.

  2. Oh kids' parties... Hate 'em!
    But you kind of have to do it - even though there is always some kid crying or some kid who hurts themselves or some kid who wants to go home...
    Actually, I must admit they have got easier and better as the kids have got older. It's my big girl's birthday this month and we are Laser Questing, they can shoot each other for an hour while I sit outside with a coffee!
    You did a Good Thing, Karen, well done you! I bet your girlie loved having her friends over, despite the overwrought meltdown at the end! xxx

    1. I love your idea for your daughter's birthday--especially the part where you get to sit and enjoy a hot beverage!!! Curtise, you nailed it on the head about how BLECH kid parties can be; there IS always someone who gets hurt, and someone who wants to go home. That, apparently has been going on forever. It's what I remember from MY birthday party in kindergarten.

  3. If I had a little girl, I would dress her in facinators every day.

  4. When you make a book i will buy it twice :)

    1. thank you Þorgerður. That is a lovely compliment :)

  5. Your daughter will be grateful to you forEVER. I know - my mum never let me have a full-on birthday party with my girlfriends. I never got to experience the sublime joy of freaking out at such a young age, at least with all my friends there.

    1. oooo.....I was SO close to being THAT MUM too Melanie. So damn close. There but for the begging of my daughter go I...

  6. Holy bejayzus, Wonderwoman.

    Last year I sat on the front steps for the ENTIRELY of Annabel's fifth birthday party.. I could not be trapped inside with those little fuckers!kids!monsters!psychopaths!children!sweeties!freaks!

    You are amazing, Karen. I've said it before and I'll say it again - PLEASE ADOPT ME? I'll need gluten free carrot cake, no icing. Thanks.

    Love yer bits.

    Sarah xxx

    1. gluten free carrot cake for everyone! Hooray! Though I'd have to google it first, because apparently we're filthy with the gluten around here...

  7. I'm here from Melanie's Bag and a Beret and I can't stop laughing at this post!! Oh gawd so that's one party down, two to go? Your drawings are absolutely fantastic! I LOVE and completely connect with the final one - I thought my kids were the only ones to refuse to see their guests off. I have the same attitude to parties - too much "overdone" gets ignored/trashed/creates tears - they're happy enough to be in each other's company and trashing someone else's room!

    1. DESIREE! I'm hell, it's not secret--I'm THRILLED you've dropped by! I think you are not only hilarious, but I love your style and attitude. I'm one of those annoying lurker types. Anyhoo...yes, my Ella is good for a melt-down at the end of every party. It's a fun way to end things off.


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