Dec 23, 2012

Stupid Glitter

Recently, I was at the mall.

I thought I'd pop into one of those junky jewellery/accessories stores.

There was lots of jewellery, and there was also a rack with nail polish, and irresistible glittery eyeshadow.  Since I needed some red nail polish--you know--for Christmas, I took advantage of the two-for-one deal, and I got me some GLITTER.  You know--for New Year's eve.

But who can wait till New Year's to try out their sexay new look?

I slapped some glitzy silver on, and patted myself on the back for my awesome deal-finding skills.

and it looked goooooood

but then it felt baaaaaaad

After several washes, and a whole day later, I STILL had GLITTER stuck to my face!

Glitter is evil.

Whoo! That was boring.


  1. glitter is a beast! looks so dainty, but with amazing stamina. sometimes cheap makeup is just too good to be true. same goes for cheap earrings with rusty posts made of tin foil.

  2. yes, I remember you saying about washing one of your girlie's shirts, and there was glitter on everything else for ages.

    Cheap earrings make your ears itchy within about five minutes!

  3. I don't really wear eyeshadow, it always creases after about 5 minutes so I don't bother. And your cautionary tale makes me no more enthusiastic to try it again! Glitterr on your nails is safer, though glitter polishes are a bloody nightmare to get off too! At least they don't sting though.
    Hey, it's fun over here, Karen! xxxx

    1. Thank you Curtise! No wonder I love you so. Yes, glitter nailpolish is a total BITCH to get off. I agree with you about the eyeshadow. The only eyeshadow I've found that seems to last a long time without obvious creasing is Smashbox. But hell, you don't need eyeshadow.


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