Dec 15, 2012

Hi! I'm karen

Well hi there!

I'm karen.

I have two kids,

two cats,

and a husband.  We'll meet The Man another time.

Every day I wake up at 6:30

and then I fall right back to sleep.

and then I wake up at 7:30.

I get up, get washed, get dressed, shlep the boy off to school, come home and do dishes.

And then it's time for breakfast and THE BEST TIME OF THE WHOLE DAY:  COFFEE TIME!

Then I do some boring stuff, get the girlie ready, send her off to school with The Man, while I get some ugly shorts and tank top on and do some really disgusting, debilitating, soul-sucking exercise.

Then I do the dishes.

Then I make myself some lunch, with really stupid, sweaty, post-workout hair.
That's lean ham, on whole wheat bread, with spicy deli mustard and a mighty WODGE of arugula, because arugula is AWESOME.

Oh, and I always have a green tea with lunch, because CANCER IS BAD.  VERY BAD.  MUST DO EVERYTHING TO KEEP CANCER AWAY.

Then I spend some time on the computer drawing pictures  cleaning the house, and it's time to go get the kids from school.

Then I come home, and make some dinner concoction based on turkey instead of hamburger.

Do the dishes...

squeeze in some quality time with laundry...

put the kids to bed and read a bed-time story...

have more yummy laundry fun...

and finally "punch the clock" and let my brain flat-line in front of the tube for a bit.

Brush my teeth, wash my face, hit the sack.

And repeat, ad infinitum.

Whoo! That was boring.


  1. Ermahgerd I'm so bored! PLUS it was ME who farted!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Well, I'll excuse YOU, Sarah. It probably smells like sunshine and organza anyway.

  2. That's pretty much my life too with more sweeping and less boring.

    1. Exactly, Paula, right?!? But then if you animate it, suddenly it's entertaining! I should have added some sweeping in. I sweep constantly too. CONSTANT CRUMBS.

  3. the lovely life of a mom. ain't it grand. i've got a bunch of cute clothes in my closet that i've never even worn cuz it just seems stupid to dress decently when i won't even be going as far as the mailbox many days.
    btw, the blanket in your last sleeping pic looks like it has a sleeping face on it. was that planned?

    1. it wasn't planned, but what a fun accident.

      Yeah, you like how on What Not To Wear, they're always trying to get some mom who lives in Smalltown to wear a dress with a blazer and heels to pick up the kid at school? Yeah. Good one.

    2. i know, right? i love to watch that show, but their emphasis on heels, skirts and blazers just isn't practical for most non-income-making moms. how about jeans that aren't frumpy and some cute tops with a jacket that looks great at the playground and washes easily in my own machine at home. no dry clean only clothes or things that attract pet hair and lint. oh, and some shoes that get you through a hectic day without making you want to rip them off your feet after 2 hrs of busyness.

    3. it totally isn't practical. Even shoes that you can't run in are not practical. Sadly.

  4. Oh god. I think you just described my life. I am so bored! But hey, if my life was done in paint...Good on you, Babe! Glad you are going for it! xxoo

    1. I think a LOT of women will relate to this! Quick, let's go find some glitter and put it on.


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