Feb 11, 2013

Queen Of Lies 2

Recently, I was reading The Boy a bedtime story...

...and was RUDELY interrupted.

In case you weren't aware, kids kind of suck at the whole bathroom business, and basically nearly an entire roll of toilet paper disappears whenever they have to GO.

So, I said;

"Okay, just be careful that you don't use too much toilet paper."

And the little IMP smiled evilly and said;

"Okay."  I told him, all casual-like,  "Go ahead.  But then you'll plug the toilet, and a RIVER OF POOP will come flowing out and run right into your bedroom."

Who's laughing now?



  1. Me, that's who!
    Why do kids find the simple process of wiping their backsides such a challenge?
    That river of poop looks EVIL! xxxx

    1. yes, that's why I HAD to warn Jack about the necessity of proper toilet paper use.

  2. OMG That is genius. Going to have to remember that one. Er. That is, if my kid ever figures out that poop is supposed to go in the freaking potty!

  3. I'm childless by choice. I don't want to deal with poop - not a baby's poop, not a dog's poop, not another adult's poop - I can just barely deal with my own poop. Just thought you'd like to know. I would lie to any child any time to not have to deal with poop. You are Wonder Woman.

    Sarah xxx

    1. Yes, you are right Sarah: poop is bad. Very, very bad.

  4. ARGH!!! That image! It can never be unseen!

    Can I just say that conversations with my husband are sometimes interrupted with that same announcement?

    1. sure--don't men have to GO like 10 times a day or something stupid???


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